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"Enilis"-holding in your hands at this moment is not only a fable book, it also represents a world.

As the "seeker", you will witness the epic adventures of girls on Enilis.

Their origins are very different--

The scientific admirer "humanity" who immigrated from the universe

The animal-shaped "Kaka" with the appearance of an animal,

The native resident "Inel" who is good at singing magic,

The absolutely neutral dragon-shaped guide "Riquid",

Abandoning human identity and turning to believe in the "new moon" of the moon god,

Even those races surging in the dark tide...

Enilis is about to usher in the time of being destroyed by "Moonfall", and the blood-stained pocket watch is right in front of your eyes.

What kind of destiny does the "Nether Energy Ones" bred in such a dead state represent to them?

Will, fetters... They collided on the battlefield with their own beliefs, and this light was so shining even in the darkness before the extinction.

But for viewers, maybe these girls are just puppets in a puppet show, or soldiers on a chessboard in a game...

Don't you think so? Ah... So that's it.

Regarding the ending of the fable, it is a pity that I cannot tell you yet.

In order not to let the girls dye the color of despair, please don't give up hope no matter when and where.

Hossam Galal

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