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Fight Lass

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Fight Lass is a Japanese-style gun battle game.

This game combines elements of tps and act, and focuses on a young girl who is free to use a variety of firearms, with branching options to guide the different plot lines, as well as heartwarming emotional development of young girls, allowing players to create their own future in a new world.

The story of the game takes place in a continent called New Glambert, an exotic object called "Tsutsi" broke the peaceful life of humans, unveiling the prelude to the human struggle with "Tsutsi".

The process of struggle is often brutal, but after countless sacrifices and failures, the human race finally revealed the formation principle of Scrubs and developed the Scrubs armor - Scrubs armor for Scrubs.

The few girls in the world who can use Chikuma Armor are the last hope of mankind.

In this world, you are an artificial intelligence called "Chikage Multi-Terminal Tactical System", and you are providing the Chikage Armor support and commanding the girls. However, you soon discover that there is more to you than meets the eye, and with it comes a conspiracy that threatens the very existence of the human race....


- Dozens of heartbeat events. An encounter with the young woman in the last bastion of civilization.

- Resist the encroaching alien world. Accompany the girl who deserves to be happy in a daily crash and take on a tide of nightmares with a gun.

- Challenge extreme enemies. Find your enemy's weaknesses and dump bullets in a high-frequency battle rhythm, and match your favorite maiden and gun combination.

- Powerful Production Lineup. Popular voice actors and masters such as Shusaku Komuta and Junko Kawano have joined forces to create the world.

Fight Lass
Hossam Galal

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