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Virus Battle Plan B

Virus Battle Plan B


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It is very different from the traditional snake-eating gameplay. It can be said that "Snake-eating is redefined!" :)

Control the mechanical greedy snake to make yourself grow (dirty)

As long as a circle can kill the virus and eat gold coins by the way, what is the logic? (sweat)

In short, it is a casual action game that can be operated with one hand in a vertical screen. It is simple and refreshing.

The concept of the game is summed up in one word as "shuang", and hundreds of rewards "shuang" are exploded at the same time, the monsters are "shuang" and the protagonist moves "shuang" after speeding up.

Draw a circle to eliminate the zombie virus army

Vertical screen stand-alone casual and refreshing action mini game, super many levels, unlimited combo gold coin rewards. Operate with one hand, just pick it up and play. Endless mode, challenge mode. The picture is gorgeous. Eliminate the decompression artifact. The most popular elimination game, innovative gameplay.

Virus campaign plan A is here

Virus Battle Plan B
Hossam Galal

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