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Dream Thecus

Dream Thecus

By: 盛趣游戏

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This is a main storyline with original music and full voice.

This is a refreshing love rhythm mobile game,

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[SEGA dedication, love story music mobile game! 】

[Strictly select many beautiful original musicals! Simple operation of Combo without interruption! 】

[Full audio main storyline! The unfolding heartbeat...? 】

[Improve the gorgeousness of clothes through awakening! Decorate the exclusive theater to attract more audiences! 】

[Super-luxury voice actors lineup charming voices! 】

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[Game Introduction]

The heroine is a scriptwriter who specializes in writing small theater scripts. She was frustrated by the dissolution of the original troupe. She was walking in the park late at night without knowing her future whereabouts. As a screenwriter, he joined the troupe of Xiangye to lead the script writing, and developed the musical troupe together with the actors in the game, and the heart-pounding love story began.

[Game Features]

"Dream Color Cast" is a Japanese music love mobile game that combines the theme-based music created by the well-known animated musician Hata Yaki and the fantasy love elements that are popular with female players. After the player joins the musical theatre company "YUMEIRO Company" as a screenwriter, he can accumulate experience points and open different tracks by playing songs, and he can also be compared with the other 7 male protagonists with completely different appearances and personalities. Interact and cultivate their own favorability. The main storyline will be gradually unlocked and expanded with the player's experience and favorability. It will be matched with various small theater backgrounds according to the different music styles and actor costumes, making the players gorgeous on the frontline voice actors. In the lineup and the charming and handsome characters, you can fully experience the process of character development with both gameplay and plot.

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Dream Thecus
Hossam Galal

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