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Spiral storm

Spiral storm

By: NExT Studios

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"Spiral Storm" is a fast-paced free-moving real-time card strategy battle game. The game strives for fair play and no numerical growth. I hope that players can experience pure gaming fun.

Five characteristics of Spiral Storm:

[Fast enough] A round of 3 minutes, relaxed and casual, come to a refreshing duel anytime, anywhere.

[Enough enough] This game will continue to introduce a variety of cards for players to build, exchange, and freely try to play combo routines, even if it is a trivial salted fish, it can turn over and beat opponents with clever use!

[Fair enough] All the cards that can be collected in this game do not need to be upgraded. Fair competition is our core value, and reasonable fees are our strict moral bottom line.

[Collection] Players can collect hundreds of cards in the game, and select 8 of them to form their own card group. Use decks to defeat opponents.

[Real-time system] The battle of the game is carried out in real time. Players need to constantly operate while thinking about strategies. At the same time, this also makes the game have a faster pace.

Insist on innovation and never plagiarize, "Spiral Storm" developed by NExT Studios looks forward to your experience!

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Spiral storm
Hossam Galal

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