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Card game

Card game

By: 鹿茸游戏

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"Card Hike" is the orthodox sequel of card adventurers, as a pixel-style turn-based card competitive game. Players will embark on an adventure following the grand story of the game. As the spiritual pillar of the village, you have to eliminate all monsters to make the villagers live happily. Let’s go, hero!

In the game, the player will act as a brave man to destroy surrounding monsters. There are 14 professions in the game such as witch, assassin, and rogue. Each profession has different attributes and corresponding skills. The profession needs to be unlocked by the player one by one. All can carry a mercenary, the game design has 21 mercenaries, each mercenary has its own special effects.

The battle is a card battle mode. Each adventure is randomly generated. Players will encounter many variables, such as different levels of monsters, recovery and gain effects, increase and decrease of cards, etc., every time the player The choice of will trigger a new choice. The player has health and mana, and there are enough mana points to release the cards with the corresponding points. In addition to fighting with monsters, you may also encounter treasure chests, which can be opened directly to obtain new cards. If you find a "well of recovery" during the adventure, players can use it to restore life, but each "well of recovery" can only It is used twice, so the timing of use is very important.

Card game
Hossam Galal

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