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Butter Fight

Butter Fight

By: COMIC工作室

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Hello everyone~ I am glad to meet you again~

I'm Lao Wu, the producer of Butterflies~

Because we only have a team of 4 people, the development is slow~ So I also hope to cooperate with some companies in development~ Please contact us~

Today I will talk to you about our many different gameplay methods in detail~

First of all, our main gameplay-Butter Fighting

How to play: On a map, the two players spray cream of their own color. In order to prevent the enemy player from spraying more cream than himself, the cream must be sprayed on each other~ so that he can't walk around fat! ! Hahaha finally judge which team wins by the amount of cream sprayed on the map~

In addition, we have prepared a variety of gameplay methods~ so that players can play the gameplay they are interested in according to their own preferences~

How to play 2: Fat bumper cars

Everyone is getting fat! ! ! Fat can't walk anymore? ? It's okay! ! You can think of yourself as a bumper car~ Go crazy and hit the enemy! Then just hit other players into the trap in the middle of the map, and you will be the final winner! ! !

Play 3: Butter Football

On the green field, 3V3 or 6V6. Players spray the cream to make the football move! ! As long as you can break into the enemy's gate! Fight as much as you like! But be careful~ Don’t score an own goal~

Gameplay 4: Snowball battle

At the beginning, the map was full of cream. At this time, players’ teamwork is needed to slowly roll the cream into a ball, and then transport it to your base~ But be careful not to let the opposing player take away your luck. Fortunately, the snowball is rolling~Of course, you can also snowball against blocking the opponent hahaha~

Gameplay 5: Sweet Butter Battle

There are six tracks in total, divided into two groups with three people in each group. The track was covered with cream, and the players crawled forward on the six tracks respectively, and scored based on the place that reached the finish line. The team with the highest score wins. The player can change lanes halfway and spray cream (expansion cream, delayed cream, etc.) on the opponent in front. If it hits, it will stain the opponent's body with cream and prevent him from moving forward. When a player is advancing on the track, he will consume the grease on his position, causing the player who moves behind him to attack him to move more slowly. Therefore, players who want to change lanes and attack must have a trade-off.

Gameplay 6: Cake battle

There is a huge cake in the center of the map! The two players need to transport the cakes in the middle to their own bases~ In order to prevent the other party from transporting more than us, then pick up your butter gun to make them fatter! ! This way we can ship more! Win the game!!

There are so many creative ways to play~ waiting for you to try~~

Then our game will have more customization options, for example, the player’s clothes pattern can be drawn by the player~

Later we will launch more game maps~For example, the cream world of cyberpunk, the world of cream paradise in the jungle~and the world of cream in Chinese style~Please look forward to it~

Butter Fight
Hossam Galal

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