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Adventurer is Tour

Adventurer is Tour

By: 每日给力

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The Game Is Under Development.
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This time, there is no charge for closing and testing for deleting files. Every adventurer can enjoy the fun of the game, and you can receive massive diamonds when you sign in to the game!

If you have any suggestions or encounter bugs during the game, adventurers please join the official Q group 456022824 to complain, directly @官方QQ群 GM students, we will give rewards based on feedback! Of course, we still have to thank all the adventurers for their strong support. "Adventurer's Journey" will get better and better, and it will be publicly tested as soon as possible.

[Game Introduction]

"Adventurer's Journey" 2017 year ingenuity masterpiece, pure Japanese adventure RPG masterpiece.

This is a story about an adventurer's big adventure...

Gamers who originally belonged to the real world were stranded in the digital world of the game by accident, and the evil forces lurking in the digital world controlled this continent. Fear envelops the entire continent and has spread to the edge of the world. If it cannot be stopped in time, the interface with the real world is also in jeopardy. It is very likely that our adventurers will always miss the last chance to return to the real world. Fortunately, there is a group of passionate heroes to help our adventurers. They will do their best and work together to complete the rest of the big adventure with us!

This gorgeous digital world composed of adventure stories awaits the advent of adventurers...

[Game Features]

——Exquisite graphics: super fresh and pure Japanese adventure RPG masterpiece!

Come on a big adventure that just walks away, fulfilling the dream of a childhood adventurer.

A gamer and an adventurer! When the adventure in the game becomes the real world, when the real world becomes the pursuit of dreams...

——Exciting combat: awesome special effects, full-screen big moves!

Full-screen walking position and smooth combat, big move release + whole team Combo, heroes with cute appearance can also stage an epic adventure!

—— Hero match, combination, fusion!

Forming your own hero adventure group is a compulsory course for every adventurer. The combination of different heroes can create different personality combinations. There are more combinations and fusions of heroes waiting for you to explore!

——Voice-activated Gospel: How can there be no Japanese RPG with pure Japanese voice actors dubbing!

The game is dubbed and recorded by a native Japanese voice actor. The distinctive voice lines and dedicated interpretation give each character a vivid charm.

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Official QQ group: 456022824

Adventurer is Tour
Hossam Galal

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