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Runaway Big Operation io

Runaway Big Operation io

By: 豆豆龙

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Game introduction:

It’s easy to get started in one minute.

"Runaway" is a 3D pixel style multiplayer real-time competitive mobile game, creating an innovative experience that combines barrage shooting and snake gameplay.

Small gameplay, big strategy. In the game, players can collect more than 40 unique heroes and more than a dozen active skills to form a personalized army. Show the position and fight, use elegant skills to defeat the strong with the weak, or upgrade the monsters, and crush the opponent with absolute strength. The way is up to you!

Every three minutes, there is collection, growth, strategy, operation, cooperation, and confrontation. This is a micro-sports mobile game that is fun to the liver bursting!


1. Control the direction of the team, the team members will automatically attack the enemy, don't hit the enemy or the building!

2. Choose the time to release your skills and instantly change the battlefield situation!

3. Eat all the squares on the map to make the team longer!

4. Work hard to collect more heroes and train them to make them more powerful!

5. Team up with friends and team battles are more exciting!

Game features:

[Innovative gameplay]

The combination of original barrage shooting and snake gameplay brings a different and refreshing experience. You can choose to fight each other with the enemy, and gradually eliminate the enemy heroes, or you can rely on your position to let the enemy bump into yourself by mistake, so as to determine the victory in one fell swoop.

[Simple operation]

You only need to control the direction of the team, and the players will automatically attack the enemies within the range. Surviving to the end and destroying as many enemies as possible is your goal. No upgrade, no equipment, just do it when you see the enemy!

[Unlimited Strategy]

Forty heroes with unique talents and six active skills can be combined at will, combining infinite possibilities: ultra-long-range sniper, melee combat, super defense, wretched guerrilla... Only unexpected, there is no impossible.

【Passion League】

Once a month in the league, massive gold coins and diamonds will be softened, and legendary heroes are waiting for you! Work hard to obtain trophies, become the eternal king, and let your name appear at the forefront of the leaderboard! Your glory will always be recorded in "Rampaging Memorabilia"!

【Chat and Dating】

Friends, chat, private chat...There are not only battles here, but also making friends. Let's find more happiness with your friends!

Runaway Big Operation io
Hossam Galal

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