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A subversive shooting game, when the third person is perfectly combined with MOBA and RTS. Exciting laning battles, strong mobile games are coming.

Use individual operation abilities flexibly, battle against each other, take super strong positions, attack, defend, snatch, and siege while avoiding enemy attacks. Come to different battlefields and quickly formulate combat strategies. Use headset chip skills, secondary weapon skills, and coquettish troops to control the enemy and suppress them strongly. Tired of all kinds of traditional MOBA battles, try this new shooting strategy battle, there will be a completely different game experience.

Welcome home

· Put on handsome fighting costumes and comb your hair into the shape of a Valkyrie. The fight will be more exciting than expected later.

· Wear cool popular style headphones, listen to music while fighting, whether it is trendy, and release the headset skill chip.

·The most important thing is that different weapons have different attack methods! There are fire-breathing weapons, electric balls, and lasers!

·However, the enemy’s weapons look more powerful. It doesn’t matter if you match your troops reasonably, it can turn the tide of the battle. If the enemy uses a sniper, it will explode, and the enemy uses a musket to create a sniper! Disgusting her! .

That's it? Don't forget the level

·You can not only rely on equipment to win the troop, but also skillfully use the level mechanism.

· Capture the energy laser from the laser factory and kill the enemy in seconds!

·Occupy the Death Canyon mining area and increase the super resources, making the opponent unable to produce troops without resources.

·The connection channel of the aerospace machine directly ignores the cumbersome rules and directly confronts it.

Weapon crazy collection experience

·It is not easy to obtain a weapon that can win.

·The weapon here is made up of six weapon parts. The attributes provided by each component are different, so that those big R players who don't have a brain pile of attributes have no way to go.

·Only the most suitable weapon combination, not the strongest weapon.

·Earphone skills and pistol skills are artifacts that can change the state of combat, dizziness, blindness, invincibility, transition, and transposition!

Refuse to automatically lock, rely on operation throughout

·Auto-lock can be called a shooting game? are you kidding me! Automatically lock monsters for you, and the game depends on numerical values, so there is no fun at all.

·To give you experience the real operation + strategy, relying on technology and strategy.

·If you can, even with novice equipment, you can abuse the enemy without injury

·You can also experience the feeling of drowning the enemy with troops.

Hossam Galal

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