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Miao Lian Qianjun

Miao Lian Qianjun

By: 套鹿工作室

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We are not only fun, but also quite playable!

In the magical continent of "A Thousand Armies", play different heroes, experience various trials and feel the unprecedented charm of match-3 RPG.

========= Player evaluation =========

Some places in the plot are very good, and the road is very wild, brother! ——Player Bai Ma Xuan🇻

The match of meat pigeon + match 3 is quite toxic. From the perspective of playability, it is absolutely perfect work-player Hao Yang

On the basis of the match-3 gameplay, deep processing has been carried out to create a work full of creativity and surprises-player Evan.zzZ

The game is designed with a rich numerical system. Compared with the same fights on the market, I can say with certainty that it crushes most of the existence (call the network be careful)-player snot

=========Featured gameplay=========

[Unusual Match 3 RPG]

Only the pawns in the correct position of the match 3 can kill the enemy in the corresponding position.

Step by step brings a sense of excitement and excitement to the turn-based combat of the battalion.

[The ever-changing Rogue-like]

Random enemies, random plot missions...

Guessing to win the championship, sailing expedition, escape room, every time is a new experience.

[Various combinations of strategies]

Heroes x units x relics x props, mix and match dozens of different genre builds

Hero skills, unit characteristics, relics, props...combination methods are ever-changing.

[Naughty and interesting plot story]

The eight major maps together constitute a unique “deer set” style stupid, cute and funny story line,

There are also various touching and warm stories interspersed with it.

Savor carefully and you will gain more insights.

Miao Lian Qianjun
Hossam Galal

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