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Eden Field

Eden Field

By: 游戏公国

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The main operation of "Eden Field" is easy to use. It is matched with rich music to create a cheerful and relaxed rhythm. At the same time, there are many cute pilots to develop. Every increase in goodwill will bring a different kind of plot development. It is our vision for pilots to spend a good time together, and cuteness is justice!

★Easy to operate, with a lively rhythm

Vertical and horizontal version + rhythm strike, one-handed operation, leisure development. In the game, the player needs to operate the pilot to move up and down to hit the enemy, and the enemy will continue to evolve. The unpredictable position, the thick-skinned body, and the peculiar appearance will allow you to enjoy a different audiovisual feast. .

★Adorable characters, easy to develop

Q Meng’s pilots have their own special gifts, which may be a sweet pudding, or a ring with the image of a skeleton, or a chain saw exuding death, etc. The commander should try his best Collect these gifts and give them to the pilots.

★Audio-visual feast, dream wedding

The game contains a lot of beautiful music, and each level is matched with a unique BGM to bring you a different audio-visual experience. Each role also has its own music, and we also designed different types of Huajia for different characters (the commander is big, don’t be fascinated by Huajia=^_^=).

★Personalized appearance, funny plot

The enemies in the game have been partially mutated due to the environment, but their lower body still retains the girlish characteristics of a certain three-dimensional space (strange long-legged monster specific--|). In addition, as the level progresses, the pilot’s little plot will be unlocked, and it’s a good way to talk to the little cuties to decompress.

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Eden Field
Hossam Galal

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