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Legend of Martial Arts 2: Jianghu Xia Ke

Legend of Martial Arts 2: Jianghu Xia Ke

By: 趣游在线

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"Legend of Martial Arts 2" is a mobile game that combines RPG gameplay. In the game, players will travel to the end of the Northern Song Dynasty and become a knight who robs the rich and helps the poor, helps the strong and supports the weak. In the game, you can learn dozens of internal martial arts and hundreds of martial arts, in order to combine different martial arts routines to learn from the enemy, dominate the martial arts in the arena and save the broken rivers and mountains.

Compared with the traditional martial arts games, "Legend of Martial Arts 2" highlights the concept of tricks and tricks. Different enemies have their own unique martial arts routines. Players can only find the enemy's martial arts routines and find weaknesses. One hit must win. In addition, in addition to the main storyline in the game, we have also designed various exploration missions and hidden plots that require heroes to fight for justice and restore the mighty power of China.

Game features:

[Classic story of martial arts legend]

Classic martial arts arena, rich arena plots are ups and downs, missions are thrilling, restore the martial arts situation, and go through the arena endlessly!

【Exclusive Martial Arts Skills】

All schools have learned martial arts skills and won all their inner strengths! Unique method, free collocation and free combination! With peerless martial arts moves, you can combine nearly a hundred combat routines! Can help the heroes dominate the martial arts, smile proudly!

[Enriched gameplay and bloody rivers and lakes]

The rivers and lakes have been surging since ancient times, and the martial arts has never been lonely! In the game, there are a variety of rich combat games including martial arts, elite dungeons, enlightenment, world-class masters, arena, tower climbing, treasure hunt, homeland, darts, Huashan sword, wanted order, four thieves, blessings, and mines. , Relive the flavour of the classic martial arts world!

[Give me when you log in to martial arts]

Sign in to give away massive martial arts mentality! How can you not have a skill when walking in the arena? Hundreds of martial arts moves include knives, swords, fists, legs, palms, fingers, sticks, guns, and hidden weapons, we will give them away! ! ! There are even more excellent mental methods waiting for you! Ingots, martial arts, and minds are constantly being sent. Everyone here is a hero! Continue to write the legend of martial arts!

[Easy upgrade when you practice and hang up]

You can grow even offline, the homeland practice system can help you dominate the martial arts, you don’t need to fight monsters, you don’t need to brush dungeons, you can relax and enjoy your dreams!

Legend of Martial Arts 2: Jianghu Xia Ke
Hossam Galal

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