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The Eight Desolations of Kyushu

The Eight Desolations of Kyushu

By: 海南君海网络科技有限公司

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Sealing demons and eliminating demons is imperative!

Guofeng Demon Spirit mobile game "The Eight Desolations of Kyushu" is here, invite you to explore Kyushu!

This is an oriental fantasy world created by the combination of the legend of the mountain and sea monster spirit and the American style; seal the spirits and harvest the monsters, practice in the fairy gate, and break out your exclusive road to the gods!

Nezha Aobing and Jiang Ziya are not like each other, and the conferred gods and gods come together; black and white impermanence, the polar region, the candle dragon of the mountains and the sea, and the monsters of the east come and go! Cast spells and draw symbols to save the common people, with a new summoning gameplay to fight luck!

Thousand-year demon spirit summons, ancient artifacts evolve randomly, innovative lock demon tower challenges, duel with demons, battle in the ancient battlefield, and more gameplays are waiting for you to explore!

The Eight Desolations of Kyushu
Hossam Galal

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