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Light and glory

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Light and glory

By: 王牌游戏

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The latest and most fun tower defense game in 2021! High-quality RPG strategy masterpiece, dozens of unique gameplay, more interesting maze exploration! In this magical world, every player can become a great hero. Choose your favorite hero to fight for your country. Call your partner to join this great expedition. Use your resourcefulness, Strategy and tactics to win, fight for glory!

You can receive 50 draws on the first day of experience, and log in on the 7th to receive high-quality heroes!

Game features

[Surprising multiple gameplay constantly]

Break through the traditional tower defense, manually release heroes' big moves, do whatever you want, and adapt to changes;

The tower of trials, the pinnacle arena, and a large number of guild bosses are waiting for you to challenge!

[Mixed camp strategy combat]

Hero development, artifact blessing, magical faction BUFF;

Offensive and defensive, the whole plan is under control!

[Free hands micro-manipulation hang up]

Send out a team of heroes, automatic battle, easy game, one-click upgrade,

Hang up offline, with a lot of rewards, and enjoy the joy of relaxation and freedom!

[Cross-server competition peak showdown]

Cross-server players PK, break the limitations, and the overlord of the whole server is in your hands;

It is imperative to set up a lineup of heroes and guard the crystals!

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Customer Service Email: [email protected]

QQ official exchange group: 1076474994

Light and glory
Hossam Galal

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