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Click Titan 2 (beta)

Click Titan 2 (beta)

By: 北京游道易网络文化有限公司

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"Click Titan 2" inherits the casual style of the previous game, one-click placement and easy hanging up. Facing the re-invasion of the Titan Legion, protect the homeland with the Master of Sword Saint and his friends!

[Crazy click to go through levels without fear]

The game saves all kinds of complicated operations, just tap the screen quickly, and the Juggernaut will frequently make moves to solve the invading monsters! The hero's attack depends on the speed at which you click, face the level boss, remember to attack with all your strength!

[500+ levels enjoy a battle]

The monsters of the Titan Legion are here, and there are many bosses, so be careful! During the challenge, you will be trapped in various terrain scenes, more than ten kinds of characteristic maps such as lava, forest, ice and snow, and the adventure is endless!

[Hero transformation partners to help out]

Don’t forget the character transformation during the fierce battle. After the transformation, your abilities will be greatly enhanced, with more skills, stronger attributes, and easy access! While resisting many monsters, remember to gather friends and pets to fight together, 30+ powerful companions with different abilities, team up in real time, and protect the kingdom together!

[Choose any professional optional equipment]

Choose from the four major professions, and the promotion of the heroic sword saint is under your control! After defeating the boss, you can also get powerful equipment and crafting materials, build a legendary epic equipment, and fully arm your hero!

Click Titan 2 (beta)
Hossam Galal

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