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My guard house

My guard house

By: 四叠半游戏

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game introduction:

My Zhenshoufu is a game with nourishment and war chess.

In the game, the player will act as a newly appointed admiral, leading the navy under his command, and working hard to rebuild the guard house.

Daily work includes:

-Provide supplies to the ship spirits.

-Earn meager profits. (Of course, you can also be a black-hearted businessman without your conscience, but you will lose goodwill)

-Recruit ship spirits coming to Hong Kong.

-Defeat the sea monster fleet that appears in the waters near the guard house.

-Collect special metals from the wreckage of the Kraken Fleet.

-Develop and manufacture special equipment.

-Expand the sea area controlled by the Guard Mansion.

In the process of rebuilding the guard house with the ship spirits, you will understand the thoughts of the ship spirits. Why are they fighting, and why are they reluctant to fight.

In short, it is a daily story of an admiral and a ship spirit.

hope you'll like it.


Part of the settings:

In the waters of Wright Bay, the two largest fleets in human history are fighting each other. Without knowing it, a meteorite that fell in the waters near Australia has pushed history into a new orbit.

A mysterious creature was born from the deep darkness of the seabed. They get the substrate from the sunken ship and the consciousness from the remaining human grievances. With their innate electromagnetic operation capabilities, they defeated the fleet of human organizations.

In the face of unprecedented force, mankind suffered a complete defeat. It wasn't until a ship that broke back to the port that a life form similar to the siren was born, and this war that had ignited the entire ocean had entered a new stage.


In order to prevent the Kraken from further expanding its "hunting range", humans rely on the islands and reefs around Australia to establish many guard houses. Provide equipment and material support for the spirits of the integrated fleet headquarters.

Among them are the humble supply port, the fleet headquarters that can accommodate an entire fleet, the frontline fortresses that are tested daily by fire and rain, and there are also material transfer warehouses where you can spend your days leisurely.

The ship spirits stationed in each guard mansion must utilize the materials in the nearby sea area to build production lines and equipment to provide support for the ship spirits. To earn money, upgrade technology, and expand staff. It is even more necessary to survive the invasion of the Kraken fleet, and even venture to organize the fleet into the control area of the Kraken to rescue the defeated companions.


With the invasion, counterattack, fall and reconstruction time and time again. A line drawn by blood and fire finally formed between humans and the sea monster.

The war thus entered the stalemate stage.

Until you, an officer who had just withdrawn from the front line, was assigned to such a guard mansion as an admiral.

My guard house
Hossam Galal

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