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Last Kenji

Last Kenji

By: 极光计划

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Yujian cuts the demon, the sword is awe-inspiring, and the creative national style horizontal strategy stand-alone mobile game "The Last Sword II" is back in surprise!

[Game Background]

A few years ago, the sealed demon tower oscillated again, is there a hidden mystery?

What is the purpose of the mysterious white boy stepping on the abandoned sword tomb?

The seal above the sky, the ghost capital underground, the devilish energy surging again...

The demon wind is bitter, and so does the sword aura.

【Featured Play】

Control sword skills, slay demons and slay demons

Creative gameplay centered on weapon operation, path-finding characters, and a different horizontal adventure experience

[Diverse elements, different strategies]

Enemies and bosses with different characteristics, as well as various interactive elements such as sword skill trees, magic weapons, and organs, are combined into a variety of different customs clearance strategies

[National style art, interactive sound effects]

Alternative national style art pictures, music and sound effects that interact with the rhythm of the game, and a unique lonely atmosphere

Last Kenji
Hossam Galal

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