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Recklessness-Legend of Ji Ning

Recklessness-Legend of Ji Ning

By: 深圳欣欣互动科技有限公司

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After two years of sincere production, "The Legend of Reckless Desolation-The Legend of Ji Ning" hit a big hit. Beautifully painted, perfectly restore the characters in the novel, from the outside to the inside, resurrect the characters in the novel, let you regain the touch of reading the novel in the game! ~

The military commander is reborn with one key, cultivates inheritance, refuses to repeat training; mix and match factions, strategy is the first, activate the bond without having to go to battle, creating infinite genres. No need to go online regularly, get rid of the shackles, and play at any time. Adventure challenges, endless surprises, colorful eggs everywhere, bid farewell to boring! Zero Krypton also has a silky experience, easy to play without leaving behind.

[Xianyue Qixing Cave], [Infinite Demon Cavern], [Daxia Dynasty], [Ranxiu Alliance], the four major camps compete for hegemony in the wild and chaotic universe!

Ji Ning and Yu Wei join hands again: [Yu Wei, I will not let you leave me for half a minute! 】

What stories do Chi Ming Dao Zu and Ying Long Dao Zu have to tell?

Why is Nu Wa so far away from the place where Ji Ning broke through the air after she left the Three Realms?

What secret does Old Man Yuan have to force him to make such a decision?

Everything is in "The Reckless Desolation Period-The Legend of Ji Ning"! In 2020, the expectation of the fans of Mang Huang Ji, don't hurry to conquer the Mang Huang Chao universe with me!

[Mixed and matched from different factions]

The lineup collocation mechanism is fully evolved, and the generals have instant fetters and do not need to go into battle. Encourage players to break through the boundaries of national camps according to the effects and positioning of the generals' skills, and freely match and combine the lineup.

[Zero Krypton does not fall behind, easy to be in the top position]

More than just high welfare! The core gameplay focuses on collocation and strategy, and combines restraint lineups according to the general mechanism. Really realize that everyone can easily get to the top, and can play freely without krypton gold.

[Multiple gameplay strategy layout]

Are you still playing card games that only have attributes such as attack, defense, and HP? We have more than ten different dimensional attributes, coupled with a special skill trigger mechanism, to provide every player with more operating space. Strategy layout can turn defeat into victory.

[Independent shot order]

The order of shots is completely independent, and you can also be the first to take the shot while standing in the back row! The layout of the real nine-square grid, the strategy and brain-burning challenge the strongest lineup!

Recklessness-Legend of Ji Ning
Hossam Galal

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