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Fantasy Origin

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Fantasy Origin

By: 小云互娱

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"Illusory Origin" is Guangzhou Xiaoyun Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. launched the first idle card game. Beautifully painted, innovative gameplay. Light strategy and big adventure, place your love and courage.

"Winter has come, and darkness is coming." The demons invaded the Anlock continent, the demon Lord Assad seized the Stone of Eternity and created the illusion of "sinful nightmare", vowing to destroy everything in the world, and various races blew the sound. The last combined horn is known as "The Origin of Illusion" in history.

Warriors, pick up the sword in your hand, join us, fight for the evil in the world, fight for homeland and justice, and become the hero of this world.

【Feature introduction】

"Two camps and six races"

Guardian: Terran, Dragon, Tide

Conqueror: dwarves, elves, wild beasts

Two camps, six races, collect a large number of exquisite cards, and work together to protect the "Stone of Eternity"!

"Five people upgrade and share with the whole family"

Exclusive "Resonance Temple" system, only need to train 5 heroes, the whole family can share the level, no need to repeatedly move bricks!

"Free Hands Offline Benefits"

Open and fight, not liver or krypton. One-click to receive generous resources, and from then on, if you don't play as a wage earner, he is staying up late and you are lying to win!

"Refuse to repeat the adventure of another world"

Demon lava, misty treasures, diverse gameplay, full of creativity, and reckless play!

Fantasy Origin
Hossam Galal

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