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Come on world

Come on world

By: LayaMe studio

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"Your game is not fun."

"You have the ability to make one yourself."

"Although I don't know how to lay eggs..."

Alright... this kind of boring conversation should be over. From now on, you can not only evaluate the hens, but also lay eggs-with "Come on World", you will easily make the game by yourself, or 3D-and this set of game making tools is simple enough, simple enough Just like another game.

Currently, we have opened the following gameplay:

1. Six different types of game level templates, you don't even have to go through any learning, you can start without a word! Subsequent game types are constantly being added.

2. A simple and powerful model editor, you can modify the game level ground, decoration, and the appearance of the props, and turn it into your favorite theme... Campus adventure? Three Kingdoms Puzzle? Iron Man Parkour? The plot story for the sister paper? No problem.

"I created a game that is completely my own!" I was so excited to get out of the wheelchair when I thought about it, oh no, I got up from the subway seat.

Yes, you can use your mobile phone to play games in subways and buses anytime, anywhere, which is not possible with many "heavyweight" game creation tools.

Although there are many tools for DIY games, we are by no means the kind of general merchandise that can only do one or a few games!

There are more powerful functions:

Including the logic system, your own original gameplay, turn your genius's whimsy into a playable game.

Finally reveal a secret.

In fact, in addition to games, you can also use "Come on World" to do more fun things. It can create something that even we can't even imagine.

Reveal the black technology we are developing:

1. Competitive multiplayer online games: It can accommodate multiple players to compete in real time in the same game.

2. Photo modeling: Take photos with mobile phones and generate overall or partial models of characters in the cloud.

3. Video motion capture: automatically generate character motions through user videos.

4. Gesture recognition: add more new interactive methods.

5. Cloud games: The server side completes the game running, so that "Let's Go World" can support games with larger capacity.

6. The VR version of "Come on World" supports immersive creation.

Come on world
Hossam Galal

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