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Our planet

Our planet

By: 天津五麦科技有限公司

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Why should we explore endlessly?

In 1415, the 21-year-old Prince Henry of Portugal might have asked himself in the sea breeze. A few years later, he established the first national sailing school in human history. The wind of history blew gently, and the era of great voyages began. The map of the world has become increasingly clear, human civilizations have begun to collide, and the earth has never appeared before us so clearly.

In 2117, "Si Jian Yuan Wang" company set its sights on the starry sky, and mankind finally succeeded in creating the first curvature engine, officially opening the true adventure of the vast star sea. This interstellar carnival, which resembles the restart of the great nautical era, I call it the "Cosmic Citizen" project, in this plan, every explorer who wants to conquer the stars and the sea can go to space to explore.

Following the plan, you will see planets that no one has ever set foot on before, and the continents, oceans, mountains and rivers that truly belong to you. The rich minerals exposed on the surface, endless alien creatures, mysterious plants of different shapes, this will be a vast world you have never seen before.

It's time to get on your aircraft. You should feel what it's like to travel around the planet across the twilight line, and you should also take a look at the scene of a huge star rising in the sky.

Think about the adventure stories you have seen, now you are the protagonist. Collect all resources and build your new home on the planet, the wooden house in the dense jungle, the villa on the Sunshine Coast, the castle on the steep cliff, everything you dream of is here.

You are not alone in this space adventure. You can meet new friends on the public planet, and you can also cook delicious food and invite old friends to visit your own planet. Don’t forget, invite them to drink the first cup of milk tea in autumn.

Join the "Cosmic Citizen" project and join the voyage to the sea of stars. Whether you want to be a pioneer or an interstellar traveler, we also welcome you! After confirming this message, you will get a personal spacecraft that belongs to you alone. With its help, you can take the curvature-driven spacecraft to the Beja galaxy. You can join the planets we have already discovered, or you can discover the unique planets. The planet belongs to you.

The Beja galaxy is so big that everyone can find their own star. Our planet is not small, it is enough for all your friends to develop together. The Beja galaxy now looks a bit quiet, but the splendid civilization has quietly left clues. When the day to unlock more advanced technology comes, we may be able to go to the depths of the Beja galaxy together. There will definitely be more unknown civilizations waiting for us to come in contact with, and there will also be more stunning scenery and food waiting for us to check in.

Find more unknowns, don't stop your exploration.

Our planet
Hossam Galal

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