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Yeah! Rivers and lakes

Yeah! Rivers and lakes

By: 双灿设计

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A game you haven't seen! Yeah! Rivers and lakes!

A very distinctive MUD graphic game, the development team is the main policy-led product of the MUD game of "Jin Yong Qun Xia 2".

At the beginning of the game, the player chooses to "reincarnate". The attributes are completely random, and there is a one in ten thousand probability of becoming a dragon and phoenix (very high appearance and attributes!!!)

The degree of freedom of the game is very high, and the character development runs through the content of meditating, fighting physical strength, reading and mastering skills, and learning martial arts. Travel your own unique "Jianghu Biography" anytime, anywhere.

Participation and construction of organizations (sects and gangs): plots, tasks, learning, experience, and various social behaviors account for about 1/6 of the space.

The exploration of the plot and the maze starts with the collection of martial arts secrets and magic weapons, involving many aspects: about 1/6 of the space.

Two battle modes (attack, discussion): martial arts upgrade + battle occupies about 1/3 of the space.

Change sects, combine martial arts, comprehend experience, and form a personalized role: about 1/6 of the space.

A variety of social skills: skill learning + special applications account for about 1/6 of the page.

The production system and trading system will be gradually implemented in subsequent versions.

The role desalinated level, desalinated occupation, desalinated equipment.

It is allowed to change sects and gangs arbitrarily; it is allowed to have scattered characters.

The role has multiple levels such as combat, society, production (follow-up), and prestige. The level is only used as a "soft rule" to target the role, and it does not use the level to rigidly control any role attributes.

Martial arts is something similar to equipment that only takes effect when equipped with a character.

Internal strength determines the character's vitality, internal strength, physical strength, defense, and dynamic resistance.

External power, light power, footwork, etc. determine the character's combat ability.

Internal strength is a framework of multiple levels of "phase nature", based on ①Yang, yin (two instruments); ②Sun, Shaoyang, Shaoyin, Taiyin (four images); ③positive four images, anti-four images (eight trigrams); ④chaos. Tai Chi> is used as a sign to distinguish the characteristics of the martial arts, to softly limit the replacement of martial arts, and to distinguish between high and low types.

In short... the super-free world of martial arts is what our R&D team wants to bring to you! ! !

Focus! All the music in the game is planned and made by yourself! ! ! ! ! And the upcoming game has a theme song! The program writes words, plans to play music, and the art lady sings! Hope to get everyone's support!

Yeah! Rivers and lakes
Hossam Galal

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