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Disney Dream Tour

Disney Dream Tour

By: 分众游戏

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Genuine Disney authorized, all-star super cute elimination mobile game debut!

Disney's popular IP lineup:

"Mickey and Friends", "Snow White", "Aladdin", "Alice in Wonderland", "Frozen", "Pinocchio", "Crazy Zoo", "Star Baby", "Snow White" ", "Sleeping Beauty", "Beauty and the Beast", "Tangled", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Dumbo", "Monster Electric Company"...

Many classic characters have appeared, and many more dreamy characters are coming soon!

Your favorite cute things are here!

Are you ready?

Let's meet a miracle together and discover a dream journey!

Flick your fingertips, light up the stars and magic, and witness miracles and dreams together!

Disney Dream Tour
Hossam Galal

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