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WHEREHW is a 48H product with a very unique painting style. The gameplay is very simple. Players need to control male and female characters to find each other and explore infinitely in the dark world. Whether you can find each other without prompting depends on your mind. Induction.

1. A micro-story beneficial game designed by the dark wind;

2. The male and female lords were born in different places and found each other in the dark world to meet at the campfire;

3. The male protagonist has no eyesight, and the female protagonist has no hearing. The male and female protagonists can influence each other in different outer and inner worlds;

4. The male protagonist judges whether the surroundings are safe by acquiring the surrounding sounds, and helps the female protagonist purify the monsters in the maze;

5. While ensuring that the bonfire is burning, the female lead needs to fill in the surrounding roads to ensure that the male lead can reach the bonfire;

6. The bonfire directly affects the male lead’s hearing range and the female lead’s sight range.

Hossam Galal

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