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Basketball Project Project Dunk

Basketball Project Project Dunk

By: AsOne Studio

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Project Dunk is currently mainly for PC and host platform development, we will bring her to the mobile platform when conditions are ripe

【How to play】

"Basketball Project" is a multiplayer online basketball battle game with passion and nirvana as the theme. The heroes use unique stunts to win the game by means other than basketball or basketball.


An international metropolis born in the near future has gathered many young immigrants. They came to this young city with their own dreams in mind.

In the alleys of the city, the old "street basketball" sport has been injected with new vitality here. In order to show their individuality, street teenagers created the sport of Vio-Ball-allowing players to use any technique and technique to win on the basketball court.

With the sponsorship of the consortium, the first peak Vio-Ball competition was launched as scheduled. In addition to receiving huge bonuses, the winning team can realize any wish within the capabilities of the consortium.

After the news was announced, the event instantly attracted attention from all over the world. The Vio-Ball movement, which originated in Xinjing City, took this opportunity to spread all over the world, and more and more people came into contact with this sport and participated in it.

The era of Vio-Ball has arrived...


Personality player

Street boys wantonly express their individuality on the Vio-Ball arena-video game girls who dominate the arcade, roller skating boys who love graffiti, and sumo wrestlers who are thrilled...The individual characters gather together, and there are many wonderful stories behind them waiting for you Come discover!

Attack permission

On the basketball court, hitting is a foul, but in the Vio-Ball arena, it is completely allowed to use violence to interfere with the opponent! Attack your opponent to get the ball and consume their energy. An opponent who is exhausted will lose the ability to act for a period of time.

Wonderful kill

The nirvana animation that extremely demonstrates the character's personality will bring you the most pure Japanese passion! In addition to the cool screen effects, each nirvana has a powerful follow-up effect, escorting the team's ultimate victory.

* Basketball skills

To hone and improve the basic skills of basketball is a timeless choice. Unlock exclusive basketball skills by improving character proficiency. Press the key combination at the right time, and use the most simple skills to show through the audience!

Basketball Project Project Dunk
Hossam Galal

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