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Two cities

Two cities

By: Kunpo

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"Two Cities" is created by Kunpo, the developer of "Distant" and "Special Team". It focuses on dual confrontation and builds a new game of brain hole in the castle. Pick your heroes and skills! Build your city! In the "Two Cities" game, you can experience various combinations of routines, various combinations of heroes, skills, and castles. You can repeatedly verify your own strategies between routines and quilt routines! Challenge everyone in real time and win their trophies! Upgrade your own rank to unlock more powerful skills and castle components!

Game features:

Routine combinations: Heroes, skills, and castles can be matched with hundreds of routines!

Competitive competition: duel with masters from all walks of life, fight for the summit in a showdown in various arenas!

Operation display: unlimited show operations can be performed in the battle, let your opponent's skills fail!

Combat confrontation: Both skills and castles can be knocked down and destroyed. You can tear down the enemy's castle so that the opponent can't move! Defeat opponents with full output skills!

Fun experience: hero challenge level, explosive ball and other game modes can be experienced!

Two cities
Hossam Galal

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