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Forza Motorsport: Street Legend

Forza Motorsport: Street Legend

By: 宝船游戏

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Welcome to Forza Motorsport: Street Legends!

"Forza Motorsport: Street Legend" is the latest mobile game of Microsoft's top real racing game series "Forza Motorsport".

"Forza Motorsport: Street Legends" will satisfy all your dreams of collecting "Dream Cars", from horsepower American muscle cars, famous sports cars, to performance cars commonly found on the streets, from classic retro vintage cars to today The most fashionable super sports car... Form your own legendary racing lineup through various street races. Choose your preferred modification route and use the upgraded supercar to have a racing feast!

Real movie perspective

The novel operation method allows you to devote yourself to the angle of admiring the car! Timely braking and depressing the accelerator are the keys to victory! The mobile camera will bring you the perfect experience of immersive and adrenaline rush. This is a new way to experience a different racing game!

Explore multiple mysterious plots

The mysterious and touching game plot will bring you an extraordinary immersive experience! The direction of the story is completely dependent on your own choice. There are three different racing development directions in the game. Choose your favorite route and start your victory journey!

When you want a car anytime, anywhere, come to "Forza Motorsport: Street Legend" to step on the accelerator!

Forza Motorsport: Street Legend
Hossam Galal

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