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Tian Ling Jue

Tian Ling Jue

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One of the classic Chinese animation masterpieces-the horizontal version of the action card mobile game "Heavenly Spirit"


Based on the animation style of Shanghai Art Studio, with Chinese mythology as the background, adding fresh elements of modern animation character sketches, fusing a new generation of strong, unique and distinctive styles;

***How to play***

In the rich and diverse card development gameplay, the hero card real-time combat action mode is added, and the combination of different heroes gives a different feeling of fighting and cool;


Take the characters from Chinese mythology as heroes, including the familiar Yang Jian, Daji, Nezha, Monkey King, Niu Devil, etc., multiple heroes construct a diverse and interesting gameplay of the game;


Rich and diverse interactive gameplay such as PVP, GVG, and wheel warfare will push the new fun of card games to a climax;

Our game looks forward to your participation, your participation and opinions will be our driving force to promote traditional Chinese animation!

Tian Ling Jue
Hossam Galal

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