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Recklessness HD

Recklessness HD

By: 蓝港游戏

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"The Reckless Desolation HD", a fantasy masterpiece authorized by the original TV series of the same name in 2018!

[Even though the mortal dust, without fear to recklessness]

Langang Interactive independently developed an epic large-scale 3D fantasy fairy cultivating mobile game "Reckless Desolation HD", which is a fantasy masterpiece authorized by the original author, I Eat Tomato and the only original film and television drama of the same name. The game is based on original novels, rooted in film and television dramas, and reproduces the characteristics of recklessness in the original flavor, building a familiar and extremely new experience of reckless world, leading everyone to regain the classics and dream back to recklessness.

A large number of plot animations in the mobile game "The Reckless Desolation HD" fill the gap between the plot and the players, so that players who have never read novels or film and television dramas can also experience the unique charm of the reckless world. In addition, all functions and gameplay in the game have followed the corresponding names and names in the novel worldview. Whether it’s the cultivation system of supernatural powers, supernatural weapon mounts, special gameplays such as the Temple of War, Lundao Hall, and Hero Order, or world maps such as the Black and White Academy, Xuelong Mountain, and Wujianmen, players can smell a strong recklessness Desolate taste.

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[Five professions, you dominate the wild and wild]

Five professions extracted from the novel: Wu Zun, Miao Fa, Sword Immortal, Lingxi and Puppet Master (not yet open)

, Strengthens the sense of substitution of the plot, and at the same time brings players a smooth combo and unparalleled mowing combat experience.

[The appearance of the pattern, the linear advancement shows nobleness]

Variety mounts, wings, magic weapons and other appearances are linearly advanced, and the fashion system and collection are accompanied by attribute stacking.

[Magic weapon of magic weapon, random match to show magical power]

Equipped with auxiliary magic weapons to enhance the attributes of the magic weapons of life, and have higher magic weapons attributes.

[Various followers, not lonely with Xiantu]

Distinctive minions have their own exclusive skills. Under different collocation conditions, they can produce different chemical cooperation effects, which enhances the strategy of the game.

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Recklessness HD
Hossam Galal

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