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"School Legend" is a 3D magical adventure mobile game that you have never played before, and has been recommended by Google Play global boutiques. The gameplay is bright, the subject matter is profound, the character is exquisitely portrayed, the light and shadow effect is outstanding, there is no mandatory novice guide, it is slightly difficult to get started, but the playability is very strong. Behind every NPC and BOSS there is a legend. Every adventure level needs to be cracked with wisdom and strategy. Play in depth, and you will become a new legend in this magical world.

=====Game Features=====

◆Hundreds of legendary heroes gather to satisfy your desire to collect◆

With super high probability, more than 100 7-star heroes are waiting to be summoned, and any 7-star hero is enough to turn the tide of battle!

◆Thousands of collocations and tens of thousands of combinations, before starting the battle strategy◆

100+ heroes, 4 formations, 5 heroes in each battle, tens of thousands of combinations will test your pre-battle layout ability!

◆Wind, thunder, fire and electricity gorgeously kills and prohibits magic to break through the screen◆

The five element magics of light, fire, water, wood, and darkness compete with each other. Common skills, nirvana, and full-screen seckill. Using the appropriate skills at the right time will have unexpected effects.

◆Endless adventure opens up massive resources to easily develop ◆

The dungeon is rich in materials, has very low physical consumption, and the levels can be cyclically battled, and heroes can be developed at full level at low cost.

Campus legend
Hossam Galal

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