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Three heroes

Three heroes

By: 天火游戏

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【game introduction】

"Three Heroes" is a casual word game of national style love developed by Skyfire Games. Combines gameplay such as simulation operation, placing battle and so on. We strive to pursue freestyle and Buddhism in the game, looking for inner peace, hope you can also find what you want in the game, we are very happy (*^▽^*)

[Game Features]

※The sense of national wind※ Reproduce the scenery of Shanghe River in Qingming Dynasty.

A single super-large miniature landscape map, pull away the clouds, take back the land, and open stores frantically. Look at the people forced to talk, look at all kinds of bandits.

※Easy to operate ※ Free to create the ancient world in your heart.

Hundreds of plots are available, dozens of buildings are available for operation, and the appointment of heroes as staff can increase the speed of making money.

※Heroes are like swords※ Go to battle. You are thinking, the sword is pointing.

Let these ruthless characters in the legend run to open up a world for you. In the world of Shanghetu, you can be majestic and heroic, with a feather fan and a scarf.

※Beauty is like poetry ※ Lady is slim. Words warm your heart, with you.

They are there, you meet or not, see or not, their emotions are related to your luck, don't think you really did something wrong.

※Buddhism finds the fault ※ All sentient beings have a cause and wish.

The common people always have all kinds of weird demands, and the yamen can't handle it at all. At this time, you need to take care of things.

※Cultural Journey※ You can write on the plaque and fan.

Authorized by calligrapher Yu Wei, there is no second game on the market that can make plaques and fans with this degree of freedom.

※Xianta Challenge※ Beat the drums and find the fairyland.

Different from the traditional left and right stance, you need to choose the right time to play the hero and use the drum to advance in the middle of the fairy tower.

Three heroes
Hossam Galal

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