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Cute pet showdown

Cute pet showdown

By: 恒泰云游

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Cute Pet Show is a real-time casual game. At this stage, it is mainly a two-person duel. As long as you can defeat your opponent, you can win the game.

【Multiple game modes】

There are three modes of the game temporarily.

Free play: Similar to a training game, it may be matched with opponents or machine AIs in the same training game.

Battle with friends: play a duel game with your base friend (Ji You).

Qualifying: No matter how strong you are, there are many holes. You can find your own position.

【Multiple play modes】

The game is composed of a variety of gameplay.

Island bump: Control your character to bump your opponent off the island.

Desert Gun God: Shoot! Kill your opponent. Be careful that bullets will bounce off yourself!

Ice hockey: Don't let the ball into your goal.

Frog crossing the river: not turned on

[Interesting skin]

Each game mode has a corresponding interesting skin, let's try it out.

【Game Operation】

Island bump: click the button on the left to move, click the button on the right to attack.

Desert Gun God: Click the button on the left to change the direction of movement, and click the button on the right to attack.

Ice hockey: Tap the screen to move the character up and down.

Cute pet showdown
Hossam Galal

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