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The Age of Magic

The Age of Magic

By: 尤米科技

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There has always been a legend in the magical world.

Ten years ago, Mu Fade, the greatest magician, wanted to stop the demon gods from other worlds from ending up with him, and with his dedication, he exchanged for a short ten years of happiness in the magical world...

Today, ten years later, the undead demon once again began to accumulate destructive power, and the monsters lurking around the magical world are also starting to move around...

Break through the limitations and undiminished personality

SR? SSR? No! Each partner has distinctive characteristics and can be a powerful partner!

Hundreds of skills can be freely exchanged

What are the genres? Hundreds of skills are freely matched, allowing you to create your own exclusive style!

Refresh in real time

Repetitively brushing copies every day? Refuse to explode! Free exploration is king.

Painting style novelty clear stream game

More cute? Than funny? The prehistoric deer is waiting for you!

Lawless strategy combination

Hundreds of kinds of partners can match as you like, who says that non-chiefs can't abuse the boss!

The game is currently in the initial testing stage, and there will be many shortcomings. For the first test, we need the suggestions of players to optimize the game playability and related game functions.

The official player QQ group of the Great Magic Age: 9996753

The Age of Magic
Hossam Galal

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