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In Sirius, get to know you who are lovely!

Here your logic is truth, and your performance is impeccable.

Great anchors such as JY, Erlong, Ferrari, and Mystery Dog are waiting for you to compete.

The most authentic online dating,

Live-action video, CP making friends, Cyclonus acting is not awkward to chat.

Join a guild, find an organization, open a black group, and compete against the guild.

Quick match, team up to play black, start anytime, anywhere, show yourself.

Fair and just, refuse to stick to the face, good and pure environment.

The most rigorous logical reasoning,

Partition matching, brand-new version, whether you are a cute new or a wolf king, you have your stage.

The most powerful entertainment function,

Lucky treasure chests, sacred scriptures of Sirius, and tons of props are waiting for you.

Uninterrupted limited-time activities, there are fresh easter eggs waiting for you to explore every day!

What are you waiting for, let's start a game!

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Hossam Galal

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