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Ten steps

Ten steps

By: 睡神飞工作室

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[Maybe the baby is playing better than you! 】

You can only click ten times, but it will trigger the butterfly effect and finally reach 10,000 degrees.

28 modes are available, each mode can continuously challenge the limit to reach the highest degree.

Dozens of beautiful butterflies flap their wings to show you the wonder of the butterfly effect. A small difference may make a big difference.

Because "Cross Array" is too difficult, even harder than "Tai Chi Array", so when I finished it, my conscience found that I should make another game, so there was "One Hundred Steps and Ten Thousand Degrees", which is A game that can be compared to intelligence or luck. Sometimes you may even find that luck is more important than intelligence, maybe babies play better than you!

Ten steps
Hossam Galal

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