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Genesis Raiders

Genesis Raiders


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"Creation of the World" is self-developed by Jiashanlin Entertainment. It is a horizontal action RPG fantasy single-player mobile game. The story originated from the ancient Shanhaijing myth and inherited the Pangu consciousness of the destined people-Xuanyuan, Yaoji, Cangjie, and Houyi four main protagonists Players will be led to the land of ancient legends, looking for lost artifacts, and saving the world eroded by evil spirits.

"Game Features"

✦Delicate style! Beautifully reproduced ancient beasts

The game is full of well-known monsters recorded in Shanhaijing, and the level BOSS is very different in style, majestic, and exquisite painting style with dazzling and changeable skills. It will appear in front of your eyes as if you came out of a book!

✦Break your brain to solve puzzles! Character traits have their own magical powers

The distinctive Xuanyuan, Yaoji, Cangjie, and Houyi all have their own special abilities. In the level, you need to switch between different roles at the right time and skillfully use their characteristics to solve all the puzzles and achieve great achievements!

✦Changeable scenes, trap and secret rooms have everything

There are a total of 48 small levels in the four major themes. Not only does each small level have different traps and secret rooms for you to explore, it is more likely that different results will be created in the same level due to the route chosen by the player!

✦Easy operation, rich skills and refreshing strike

There are no buttons for complicated moves, just use the attack and defense directions to cast gorgeous skills, and perform combo blows with swords and swords, which will make you bloody and full of souls, and you can fight easily without burden!

✦Stand-alone masterpiece! No need to be online

Returning to the original intention of the game "play as long as you want", in stand-alone mode, you can play anytime and anywhere as long as you turn on your phone. There is no shopping mall that affects the balance, no complicated and annoying rankings, and no need to be online!

Genesis Raiders
Hossam Galal

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