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Magic town

Magic town

By: Team Lawrence

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"Magic Town" is a casual mobile game on farms with a lovely style. The relaxed and pleasant game settings allow you to create your favorite farm as you like! You will come to a magical town where you can run a beautiful big farm with Amily. You will also meet some interesting new friends, some cute little animals. You can also take your friends to explore together! Come join this magical magic town~

【Exquisite image quality, 3D farm】

The game style is exquisite and lovely, the world's first 3D spherical scene, allowing you to experience a different farm world

【Plow carefully and expand the farm】

Water the crops to make them grow, so remember to get water from the wells often!

The little animals on the farm all have their favorite things to eat~ You have to feed them their favorite things, and they will work happily!

【Complete the order and earn coins】

Completing the orders of the neighbors on the small blackboard of the farm and the tasks in the farm account can earn huge rewards~

There are also chubby caravan merchants and beautiful tavern owners waiting for you~ You can get rich rewards for trading with them with high-quality farm products!

【Explore the farm and take care of the animals】

The interesting exploration mode allows you to take a small assistant to explore the forest, go fishing at the beach, and discover some precious ingredients and props~

You can also take care of silly magical animals with your friends, and upgrade the level of Eastern magical animals, which will give you a lot of unexpected things!

Magic town
Hossam Galal

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