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A long time ago, there was a peaceful and peaceful kingdom where everyone was fascinated by the great sport of golf, playing golf day and night. Soon, the kingdom’s territory became the most beautiful golf course in the world, and every corner was filled with happiness and joy, until the arrival of the monster army...

Because the people of the kingdom are obsessed with golf, they neglect the danger and allow the country to be invaded. So, hole after hole, dungeon after dungeon...all occupied by monsters. In the end, the people were forced to leave their beloved golf course, and the whole kingdom fell into a gloomy mist.

Just as the people felt desperate, a brave girl came forward! She is determined to become the strongest golfer in the world, but first, she has to fight off monsters, and her only weapon is a golf club! Thus, the journey to save the kingdom begins...


"RPGolf" is a game that combines classic Japanese RPG and retro pixel golf. It not only makes people relive the nostalgic classic game era, but also perfectly combines the fun of RPG and golf to create a brand new gameplay.

Game features:

・Enjoy the fun of golf and character development in the retro pixel style.

・Enter the 9-hole golf world and explore the mysterious and unknown dangers!

・While playing golf, defeat the monsters and keep moving forward, trying to save the kingdom!

・A variety of rich scenes, dungeons, villages, driving ranges, clubs...even bars!

・Play excellent golf scores to qualify for a duel with monster bosses.

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