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Scroll of Cthulhu

Scroll of Cthulhu

By: 新维舟工作室

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No matter how technology develops or how humans explore the ultimate law in the vast universe, the fear of the unknown is like a code written in DNA and cannot be erased. That is the creator’s contempt for mankind, the mockery of technology, that is the projection of the doomsday of the old dominators, that is the rudeness of scientific madman in rational exploration, that is Lovecraft 100 years ago The ultimate fear defined for mankind, a set without a real core-Cthulhu.

"The Scroll of Cthulhu" is such a world based on the background of "Cthulhu". Players can realize any brain in this world. From setting to plot, to game development, everyone has great freedom. Degree, experience the immersive horror in a free world.

As a mobile game, "Cthulhu's Scroll" cleverly moved the classic TRPG board game to the mobile terminal, making it convenient for friends from all over the world to run together without distance restrictions. At the same time, through reasonable optimization, we have avoided many problems that would occur on traditional online groups, and have greatly enriched the material templates to bring players a better gaming experience.

[Game Features]

=================Real horror experience======================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================

The myth of Cthulhu is based on the novel world of American writer Howard Philip Lovecraft, organized and perfected by August William Dres, and created by many authors.

The theme of this mythological system is: mysterious and unknown.

In "The Scroll of Cthulhu", players can really feel the horror atmosphere from the system of Cthulhu mythology through practical role-playing and free task progress, and there is no shortage of puzzles and excitement.

=================Free brain world======================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================

"Cthulhu's Scroll" is a TRPG mobile game. The way players participate in the game is not only to become a actor, but also to become a host, setting their own background, writing a script, leading the plot, and hiding eggs. The game will provide rich and comprehensive material templates and value setting aids to help players build the plot scene they want to achieve. No matter how big your brain is, it can be realized here. Let you enjoy the thrill of creating horror!

================= Convenient social experience================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================

TRPG games are always inseparable from social interaction. In the traditional TRPG running group mode, time and distance limitations will have a great impact on the game experience, and the smoothness of the running group will also be affected.

"Cthulhu's Scroll" cleverly transplants such a traditional board game to the mobile terminal, breaking the distance limit, and friends from all over the world can start groups anytime, anywhere. At the same time, the attributes of social networking on the Internet can effectively eliminate the barriers between unfamiliar players, and help players become familiar with the story faster, and experience the fun of the game faster.

Scroll of Cthulhu
Hossam Galal

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