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Realm of the Gods: Three Realms Auto Chess

Realm of the Gods: Three Realms Auto Chess

By: 改革春风工作室

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This is a national style two-dimensional game with ancient Chinese mythology as the background

This is a twelve-minute game with no time pressure.

You can choose from many ancient Chinese mythological characters, and form your own legend lineup by operating and drawing cards.

Eight players passed through more than ten rounds of fierce competition, and finally left one player and his conferred army

There is also a card register and injury record function. Open black in real time, fight each other joyfully, I hope you like this game

Official Group 1: 921185782

Official Group 2: 738346823

Official 3 groups: 723079510

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Realm of the Gods: Three Realms Auto Chess
Hossam Galal

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