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THRUD Broken Heaven

THRUD Broken Heaven

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"Slude" is a three-dimensional air combat game that combines character collection and barrage shooting elements. In 2004, the alien body obscured the sky. The world changed, and mankind lost the right to rule the sky. In the new era of the fall of the sky and the pollution of the earth, girls named Slud rode "style wands" like magic brooms to fight, vowing to regain everything that mankind has lost.

All they rely on, apart from courage, is the mysterious crystal located in the throat-the core source.

These girls became the Valkyrie soaring in the sky.

A girl with beautiful blue eyes sings in the sky.

"Can you lead us to a real victory?"

A few years after the war between humans and xenobiotics, a girl named Faluli met "you" and witnessed the myths and history of this era with all the Thruds in the world.

THRUD Broken Heaven
Hossam Galal

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