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Raiders of the Sky

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"Arises from Heaven" is an innovative strategy game that uses a brand-new armor assembly and transformation concept, in-depth integration of strategic gameplay, to create a unique military base; the assembled characteristic air-armor strategic force will conquer the city and expand the territory!

In the game, the free assembly mode and strategy of the empty armor and the armor core are collided and integrated, and the strategy is enriched, allowing the player to experience more creative features. On the basis of the conventional strategy game, the conventional attributes, genre attributes, tactical skills, etc. are added. Different settings are just for the perfect integration of free assembly and strategy, enriching the player's imagination and strategy creativity.

In the construction of the base, the characteristic defensive terrain, free construction, and free setting of attack tactics for a variety of buildings can give more imagination. Players can also team up to establish base alliances, have more interesting strategic exchanges with friends, and open alliance battles so that players can enjoy the exciting game between offense and defense.

Raiders of the Sky
Hossam Galal

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