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Land of Monsters

Land of Monsters

By: 妖怪国度居委会

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The Cloud Dream Illusion, where many monsters are located, no one knows its exact location, rumors all say that it is in a scroll.

The mysterious Red Abyss in the illusion provides ample spiritual power. Demons lived freely here, creating their own demon kingdoms.

With the depletion of Red Abyss' spiritual energy, the demons lost their spiritual power and the demon kingdom was gradually deserted.

Until one day, someone accidentally opened a dusty ancient painting.

"Lord God, the Mountain Ghost has been waiting here for a hundred years for your arrival."


- Build houses and create a monster kingdom.

-You can freely build all kinds of buildings and decorations to create your own monster kingdom in Clouds Dream Fantasy.

- Many monsters, choose the one you want.

-The three races of monsters with different personalities can be summoned by you to explore the secrets of the monsters to your heart's content.

- Enjoy a real fantasy world with dynamic towns.

-Various town events, send monsters to work in different buildings, enjoy the dynamic fantasy country.

- Easy to fight, and protect your liver.

-Easy to use battle mode, automatic battle to protect your liver, your hair will never be bald again.

Land of Monsters
Hossam Galal

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