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Karma: Jellyfish machine

Karma: Jellyfish machine

By: あいろり

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Compete with seven other players (computers), and only one player (computer) won in the end!

You play as the only human player in the game. After starting the game, there will be a machine in front of you; you can choose two actions: throw a jellyfish or do nothing.

If you throw in a jellyfish, you can get 3 jellyfish on the opposite side, and vice versa.

You can [cooperate] with your opponent, so that you can achieve a win-win situation, and each will get two jellyfish.

But obviously if one of them [does not cooperate], while the other side [cooperates], then it is obvious that you can not only get more, but also weaken the opponent's strength. ————After all, there is only one winner in the end!

But the opposite is not an idiot. If you have been uncooperative, although you may make a momentary bargain, it is ultimately a stupid act of killing chickens and getting eggs.

what? If everyone is happy to work together, isn't everyone the first? …………Although it does make sense, and it is true that some people think so, not everyone is equally kind!

Source of inspiration: nicky case open source project, selfish gene.

This game is a small game included in the original game Karma:MURI, and is now released as a free game as a soft promotion project for the game.

Karma: Jellyfish machine
Hossam Galal

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