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Hot War Alliance

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【Play Type】

The excitement of the battle royale game, the novel and interesting of Roguelike. "Hot League" is a 2D shooting game that combines Roguelike and chicken gameplay. Players need to explore, search, fight (in a box), ... in more than 100 rooms with different styles and more than 100 different layouts.

[Core Features]

·The room types are unpredictable, South American rain forests, European palaces and even your high school classroom...

·The secret tunnel is hidden in it. Use the teleportation points and special weapons hidden in the room to give your enemies head-on blows.

·Feature skin suit fetters, freely create your own cool special effects, and be the most beautiful boy in the battlefield.

Friendly reminder: Some rooms may not be as calm as they seem...

Hot War Alliance
Hossam Galal

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