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Hit the boss

Hit the boss

By: 酷骇科技

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"Beat Boss" is an action game that destroys the office.


If you don’t have 996 when you are young, where is there any chance for 996 in the future? Being able to 996 is a blessing for us to repair!

Of course, I will not force you to accept 996. You can choose to leave. I will never expel any of my brothers. Those who do not fight with me are not worthy of being a brother.

Facing such a boss, how can the social animals stand it! It's time to turn grief and anger into strength and destroy the office the bosses are proud of.

The unscrupulous boss asks you to repay 996 every day, but he does not provide any welfare rewards. Today, you stepped into the company's door with your left foot first, so you were dismissed tragically. Unable to bear all this, you decided to destroy this depressed office.

[Game Features]

Tap the screen to destroy everything. The easy and simple operation allows you to vent your anger, overcome obstacles, and destroy the office of unscrupulous bosses!

Open the game now, fight happily, release the endless desire for destruction, and become the invincible king of destruction.

-Unlock upgrades and enjoy more powerful weapons

-20 kinds of objects for destruction

-More than 30 interesting level designs

-Refreshing blow

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Hit the boss
Hossam Galal

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