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Journey to the West

Journey to the West

By: Raccoon GAMES

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Can you imagine a bald young man who has gone over the mountains and has been in the wind and sun for more than ten years, returning home with a "white-faced fat" appearance?

Elder Tang took off the mask and told you lightly:

So Easy~

In the eighteenth year of Zhenguan, the monk Tang alone walked through the Thorns Ridge to talk about poetry and Taoism with Fuyun elders. Since then, the Tang Dynasty has no longer received any news from scholars. Tang Wang Lao Li Pan's eyes are blue, when will the holy monk get back to the court?

As Lao Li became thinner, officials and monks of Datang began to spontaneously organize visits to the Western Regions to find Mahayana Buddhist scriptures.

Players will play the role of folk monks and will also set foot on the Western "land of bliss" to find scriptures. Under the influence of officials and monks' shadows, mysteries and jokes unfolded one after another!

[Game Features]

[National style cat card]

·Develop a super strong national style cartoon monster

·Meows who want to suck, here are all

·Awesome messy star people, there are also ↀѡↀ

【Overhead Journey to the West】

·In the original work, the true temperament of the protagonists can only be seen in some clues|ԅ ‵▽′ )✧,

·In Miaohua Westward Journey, we will let the characters express their "natural colors" in an overhead way!

[Simple turn-based combat]

· The game experience is more compact and refreshing

·Easy to use, easy and smooth combat experience (-▽-)ψ

·Hidden mystery, high play can also explore the fun of the game (¯﹃¯)✧

[Unique squirrel gameplay]

·In addition to card exchanges and props, players will collect various scriptures and ancient scrolls in the Western Regions

·In addition to scriptures with words without words, there are also picture books with ingenious ideas and indescribable ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

[Full set of offline play methods]

·Establish a team to learn from the past, and recite your own "business experience" ($$)

·Resell the "Tang Monk Meat" of spicy strips and incense ash, purchase scriptures, and provide door-to-door services such as transcendence, chanting, and dancing.

Three islands and ten continents, humans, gods, gods, fairy demon, three clears and four imperials, five olds and six divisions, seven elements and eight poles, nine Yao and ten capitals, a thousand sages

Ten Great Tang Generals, Twenty-Four Ministers of Lingyan Pavilion, Countless Meow God Cards

A group of meows dance, waiting for you to suck!

Journey to the West
Hossam Galal

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