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Hang up! Brave

Hang up! Brave

By: 小团团工作室

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"Hang up! "The Brave" is a pixel-style semi-placed RPG game that combines leisure and strategy.

Players can hang up casually on normal difficulty, or pursue the ultimate match of skills and treasures on nightmare difficulty.

As a lord, you need to run your town, recruit your heroes, defeat level monsters, solve random events, collect powerful treasures, and finally defeat the evil dragon.

【background story】

The ancient black dragon awakened again, and the evil devilish energy swept the continent again. Countless creatures failed to resist the infestation of demonic energy and became monsters. Humans are struggling with death and despair... As a lord of the town, can you recruit the warriors scattered around, train them, and finally lead them to defeat the black dragon and save this chaotic continent?

[Game Features]

※Multiple map chapters allow players to choose adventure, map levels freely choose routes, different routes will have different heroes and treasures waiting for players to collect.

※Camps, markets, equipment shops, blacksmith shops, notices, merchants, clock towers, rich town management to help you improve your team.

※ Rich and diverse random events, make your choice, get rewards or accept punishment.

※Abundant hero skills, understanding the characteristics of each hero, learning skills, can play the hero's greatest ability.

※The matching of heroes and treasures, heroes and heroes, treasures and treasures, you can choose your strategy according to different levels!

※New weekly gameplay, you can choose different heroes, treasures and initial rewards at the beginning of each adventure!

[EA version]

Including the complete content of the first chapter map and the second chapter map.

For more game updates, please join the QQ group: 792227263

Hang up! Brave
Hossam Galal

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