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Soul Tide

Soul Tide

By: 鬼脸科技

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Soul Tide is a dungeon and labyrinth adventure card game that tells the story of a group of puppeteers with a special identity who are trying to save the world from the witches.

The game tells the story of a group of puppeteers with special identities who save the world from the witches. Under the guidance of fate, players become puppeteers and join the organization to protect the town, explore the labyrinth of the alien world, uncover the truth of the world collapse, and turn decay into magic together.


- Innovative Doll Breeding

A collection of otherworldly girls, intelligent dolls, and fleshed-out characters, each with their own background and origin. For example, a cute little girl on the outside, but behind her, the leader of the underground organization - Asa Hoshimi. Lolita is a cute little girl, but behind her is the sickly black Scythe of Death - Felicia.

- Tactics to set up the battlefield

Stand in front of the strategic layout test your tactical strategy layout, a large number of details of the layout, to help explore the process of the divine pen to cut through the thorns. Brain>Hands, reasonable matching is the key to win.

- Massive random events

50+ types of random elements, 100+ random maze events, different mazes and different ways to play.

- Endless Challenges

Endless exploration gameplay, freedom to customize the growth route, all random levels every time is a new experience, every step is a new surprise.

- Trial of the strongest dolls

Challenge the Tower of Limits, battle the shadows of the dragons, and complete the strongest trial challenge of the Dollmaker, and you are Top 1 in the Crescent Land.

Soul Tide
Hossam Galal

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